2014 Symposium Highlights

Screening - The Searchers




Venue: Savoy Cinema

Date: Saturday, 7th June 2014

Time: 8.00pm


Price: €7.00 (conc €6.00)


Ford’s most influential film, a masterpiece of filmmaking and recently named as both the American Film Institute and Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Best Western Of All Time’, John Ford’s ‘The Searchers’ finds John Wayne in the classic role of Ethan Edwards, a gun slinging Civil War vet on the trail of the Indian tribe who kidnapped his niece across Texas desert plains.

Shot against the majestic landscape of Ford’s favoured Monument Valley and filmed in glorious widescreen cinemascope, The Searchers has inspired a wealth of filmmakers such as Spielberg, Godard, Lucas and Wim Wenders and just this year legendary director Martin Scorsese hailed the film as a “great American classic”, exclaiming that “for me and for many other directors of my generation, it was a touchstone”.