Ford Directors - Sheridan, Boorman, O'Sullivan & Kirk


Date event was on: 8th June 2012

Jim Sheridan
John Boorman
Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Brian Kirk

Ford's influence on modern day filmmaking was among the topics discussed by some Irish-based leading Irish filmmakers.

Directors John Boorman, Jim Sheridan, Thaddeus O'Sullivan and Brian Kirk discussed and debated their appreciation for Ford's craft whilst swapping anecdotes on stories of the great director, as well as touching on their own work, as they each selected and analyzed scenes from Ford's work.

Selecting scenes from 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance' and 'The Quiet Man,' Boorman noted Ford's "subtle ways of directing actors" while discussing the director's "ticks and eccentricities" whilst working with actors.

Kirk focused on Ford's craft as a director calling him a "master storyteller." The Northern Irishman added that Ford had "a consummate understanding of the relationship between the story and the telling of the story.

Showing the audience a scene from Ford's classic western 'The Searchers' and noting Ford's ability to say so much with so little, Kirk added: "Watching a scene like that it reminds you that this is a man who started making movies in the silent era. He just understands the power of an image. It's phenomenal."

Irish director Thaddeus O'Sullivan discussed scenes from 1946's 'My Darling Clementine' as he applauded "Ford the stylist and Ford the poet," while Jim Sheridan noted Ford's masterful ability to subtly position the characters and their back stories in his movies in the minds of the audience.