Pulitzer Prize-winner Frankel to recount ‘The Searchers’ history at Symposium

Pulitzer Prize-winner Frankel to recount ‘The Searchers’ history at Symposium


Pulitzer-Prize winning author and former foreign correspondent of The Washington Post, Glenn Frankel will present a lecture at this year’s John Ford Ireland Film Symposium on the historical background of John Ford’s classic ‘The Searchers’ which inspired his new book. The book ‘The Searchers: The Making of an American Legend’ examines and unravels the real-life case on the kidnapping of a young girl by Comanches in East Texas in 1836 which went on to inspire the story of the 1956 film. Frankel’s book has received unanimous critical acclaim from the likes of The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly and Publisher’s Weekly who described it as “a gripping portrayal of a mesmerizing period of American history” and from director Martin Scorsese, who in The Hollywood Review, called it “fascinating... and excellent”.


Frankel, who will leave his position as the Director of the School of Journalism at the University of Texas in 2014 to concentrate on being a full-time author has spent spells reporting from Africa, Europe and Asia and won his Pulitzer Prize for his “sensitive and balanced coverage” of issues in the Middle East and Israel.


The author’s lecture, will also describe how in the process, the story of ‘The Searchers’ has become a great foundational myth on how the American West was won, and he will also touch upon other aspects of his long and distinguished career.


This detailed and insightful event will take place as part of the Symposium on Friday June 7 at 1pm at The National Concert Hall, with tickets at €5 / €4.50.





Top Producer Andrew Eaton to shine light on links between Ford and Lindsay Anderson

Top Producer Andrew Eaton to shine light on links between Ford and Lindsay Anderson


One of Europe’s most accomplished producers and co-founder of Revolution Films with Michael Winterbottom, Andrew Eaton will take part in an exclusive Q&A as part of the John Ford Ireland Film Symposium next weekend. This will follow the screening of the BBC Documentary which Eaton made with British director Lindsay Anderson (If, This Sporting Life). Anderson himself was a Ford-devotee and author of About John Ford, regarded as one of the most important books on the director.


Eaton has produced over forty feature films and TV series including some of his best known with Winterbottom; Code 46, 24 Hour Party People, A Mighty Heart and The Look of Love. He has also recently produced Irish feature Good Vibrations and Ron Howard’s upcoming Formula 1 biopic Rush.


At the post-screening Q&A Eaton will discuss the background on the making of the Documentary, and working with the director in preserving & acknowledging the great John Ford.

This is a FREE EVENT and will take place on Friday June 7 at 11am in The National Concert Hall, Dublin.






John Ford Ireland Film Symposium 6 - 9 June 2013, Dublin

John Ford Ireland Film Symposium 6 - 9 June 2013, Dublin

Film Fans, Filmmakers and film experts prepare to gather in Dublin to honour and celebrate the legacy of John Ford, one of the world’s most respected and influential filmmakers

"This Symposium is great for Ireland and I think that it will help set Ford as an Irish director, as opposed to solely a great American director. I think that it’s an important event in bringing Ford home."
Jim Sheridan

Following on from the brilliant success of last year, the 2nd John Ford Ireland - Film Symposium takes place 6 – 9th June with a four day focus on Contemporary filmmaking, inspired and informed by the timeless work of legendary Irish-American director John Ford.  Film fans from far and wide can enjoy four days of Screenings, Lively debates & Discussions, incisive lectures, public interviews with filmmakers, anecdotal stories, music nights and plenty more.



Highlights of the 2nd John Ford Ireland Film Symposium include:

  • Gala Screening & Public Interview with Patrick and Ethan Wayne, sons of ‘The Duke’ hosted by Miriam O’Callaghan.  John Wayne’s two sons, who are travelling from US to take part in the Symposium, will talk about their father’s collaboration and unique relationship with John Ford.


  • Dan Ford, John Ford’s grandson (Producer & author of the book ‘Pappy’) will discuss Ford the man behind the iconic image and share insight for film fans and filmmakers alike.


  • Bertrand Tavernier, renowned French Master and Director of over 25 feature films, participates in a Public Interview discussing his own superb body of work and how Ford has influenced French filmmaking through the years.


  • Joseph McBride (renowned film historian and biographer of Ford, Frank Capra, and Steven Spielberg) gives the
    Keynote Lecture about Ford's portrayals of Lincoln.


  • Pulitzer prize-winning and best-selling author Glenn Frankel (former Washington Post Correspondent and Current Head of the School of Journalism at University of Texas) will give first-hand insight into his new book ‘The Searchers – the Making of an American Legend’


  • The Ford Film Hub and School has a range of Masterclasses & Discussion Panels over the four days with leading International and Irish film experts with people such as Oscar nominated directors including TavernierSheridan and Jordan along with BAFTA nominated Julian Jarrold (Becoming Jane; Brideshead Revisited) and BAFTA Winning John Crowley (Boy A, Intermission), Andrew Eaton (a); Mary McGuckian (Man On A Train);  Tanya Seghatchian (former head Film Fund UK Film Council); John Woodward (former head British Film Institute); Sean Bobbitt (Cinematographer, Hunger, Byzantium, The Place Beyond the Pines); Mark O’Rowe, (writer, Intermission, Howie the Rookie etc) , Eugene O’Brien (writer, Pure Mule, Eden) and Terry McMahon (writer/director, Charlie Casanova), Roddy Doyle (The Commitments) Eoghan Harris (screen writer Sharpe);  Philippe Carcassonne (Coco Before Chanel, The Illusionist) IFTA Rising Star Director/writer Gerard Barrett (Pilgrim Hill);  Actors Stephen Rea, Adrian Dunbar among many more.


"I try to watch a John Ford film before I start every movie, simply because he inspires me...he’s like a classic painter"
Steven Spielberg


  • Ford Academic Panel Discussions each day with leading International film experts including Lea Jacobs (University of Wisconsin, USA), Glenn Frankel (University of Austin, Texas), Kevin Rockett (Trinity College), Luke Gibbons (NUI Maynooth), Charles Barr (University of East Anglia), Tony Tracy (NUI Galway), Martin McCloone (University of Ulster) and Joseph McBride (San Francisco State University).


  • Over a dozen Public Screenings; including a Free Outdoor Screening of The Quiet Man at Meeting House Square, with special guests Dan Ford (grandson of John Ford), John Wayne’s Sons Patrick & Ethan Wayne and Oscar nominated producer Redmond Morris (son of The Quiet Man producer Lord Killanin).  Other screenings include such classics as the  The Searchers; She wore a Yellow Ribbon; How Green Was My Valley; Young Cassidy; Young Mr Lincoln; and many rare Ford classics, footage, Documentaries and Shorts Screening for the first time in Ireland.


  • Plus much, much more….

John Ford Ireland – Celebrates French Connection with legendary director Bertrand Tavernier

John Ford Ireland – Celebrates French Connection with legendary director Bertrand Tavernier


Following the success of last year’s inaugural John Ford Ireland - Film Symposium & Festival, the 2nd annual Symposium is planned for June 6 – 9th 2013, with a wide range of international and Irish filmmakers and guests set to attend including the veteran French Film Director Bertrand Tavernier.

Ahead of the full programme being announced on May 10th, John Ford Ireland has confirmed that along with special Guests, Screenings, Discussions, Masterclasses, Lectures, workshops, Music and Song this year’s 2013 Ford gathering will also see insight into Ford’s indelible influence on French cinema with a contingent of French filmmakers travelling to Dublin, headed up by the legendary French filmmaker Bertrand Tavernier - one of the most celebrated directors in French cinema.

Tavernier will discuss his lifetime of work and the influence of Ford on his long and acclaimed career – a career which has seen him make over 25 feature films which include ‘A Sunday in the Country’, ‘Round Midnight’, ‘Death Watch’ and ‘Life and Nothing But’. He has received major accolades across the world for his work including BAFTA, Golden Bear, Best Director at Cannes Film Festival and European Film Awards.

Tavernier has spoken frequently about his love for John Ford and his influence and how Ford’s work was a huge source of inspiration for him.   The director, as a young critic for the French publication Cahiers du Cinema, interviewed Ford in the 1960’s and reflecting on the iconic director has said; 'I always wanted to be a director, ever since I was about 13 or 14 years old.  I think perhaps it was John Ford's Fort Apache and She Wore A Yellow Ribbon that suddenly made me realise that the director wrote with images.'

The four-day Symposium and Festival, will announce further details shortly including screenings, Industry Hub panels, interviews and workshops to honour and celebrate the legacy of the great Irish-American director who created such Hollywood masterpieces as ‘The Quiet Man’ and ‘The Searchers’.

About the John Ford Ireland – Film Symposium & Festival

The John Ford Ireland – Film Symposium & Festival takes place on June 6-9th and is cited as one of Ireland’s key cultural events taking place in 2013.   The annual event celebrates the powerful legacy of the Irish-American Director John Ford, considered one of the world’s greatest Filmmakers – who’s films continue to influence and inspire young filmmakers and contemporary filmmaking across the globe.   Last year’s inaugural symposium attracted a wide range of industry luminaries, craftspeople, veterans, academics and film lovers, reflecting, discussing and learning with a fresh understanding of Ford’s true impact and influence on Cinema with his monumental body of work spanning 6 decades with 140 feature films, 80 Documentaries and a record number of Academy Awards for Director.  

The Ford & France aspect of the Programme is presented in association with the French Embassy of Ireland & Alliance Française.