Novel ‘Three Bad Men’ Examines the Relationship between the Legendary Trio of Pappy, Duke Wayne, and The Judge


Three Bad Men: John Ford, John Wayne and Ward Bond’ looks at the unique and complicated, professional and personal lives of John Ford and his two favourite actors, John Wayne and Ward Bond. It is written by biographer Scott Allen Nollen.

The book has received rave reviews. It was awarded five out of five stars and hailed as “the story of Hollywood” and “a must read” by The Examiner. Dennis King of NewsOK called the book a “tough and entertaining bromance about three very contradictory musketeers.” Other reviews have deemed the biography a “fascinating read” and an “insightful and revealing narration.”

‘Three Bad Men’ shows how the lives and works of Wayne and Bond were strongly intertwined with Ford’s. The book contains a number of stories relating to creativity, toil, perseverance, bravery, masochism, mayhem, warfare, brilliance, stupidity, rationality, insanity, friendship and a testing of its limits, love and hate – relationships that affected all three heroes.

While Ford and Wayne are extensively covered both individually and in their relationship to one another, this book is unusual in that it is equally dedicated to portraying the life and work of Ward Bond, who made 23 films with Ford altogether. ‘Three Bad Men’ marks the first biography written about the character actor.

This one-of-a-kind biography about three cinematic giants is not to be missed.