Rave Reviews for Scott Eyman’s new book on John Wayne


Author Scott Eyman’s new biography, John Wayne: The Life and Legend has garnered rave reviews from critics since its release in early April. The book, which chronicles the life of the iconic film star, places a special focus on the many films Wayne made with John Ford and the significance of their forty-year friendship. Eyman has previously written the John Ford biography Print the Legend: The Life of Times of John Ford as well as two books on actor Robert Wagner, who himself starred in Ford’s What Price Glory.


In a New York Times review, film director and previous John Ford Ireland Symposium guest Peter Bogdanovich called the book “an insider’s journey...authoritative and enormously engaging” while Salon called it “one of the greatest movie star biographies ever written”. Associated Press reviewed that the biography contained “perceptive views of Wayne's many films and a wagon's worth of revealing and entertaining anecdotes” while Publisher Weekly called it “compulsively readable”.


The New York Times Review by Peter Bogdanovich, March 28 2014