Ford Filmogrpahy


John Ford directed over 137 films and worked on circa 80 other projects, documentaries and short films. 

Twenty three of Ford films received Oscars and with six going to him personally, four for Best Director - and Ford still holds the record for winning the most Oscars for Best Director along with claiming the very first AFI Lifetime Achievement Award.


"A John Ford Film was a visual gratification."

During a prolific film career spanning almost six decades, Ford's epic body of work includes acclaimed films such as; 'The Informer’ ‘The Grapes of Wrath’, ‘The Quiet Man’, ‘Stagecoach’, ‘My Darling Clementine’,  ‘Fort Apache’ , ‘She Wore A Yellow Ribbon’, ‘Rio Grande’   ‘How Green Was My Valley’, ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance’ and ‘The Searchers’ to name but a few. 


His directorial skill pushed cinema beyond entertainment into enduring cinematic works of art.


Silent Films

1917 Straight Shooting John Ford George Hively
1917 The Secret Man John Ford John Ford, George Hively
1917 A Marked Man John Ford John Ford, George Hively
1917 Bucking Broadway John Ford George Hively
1918 The Phantom Riders John Ford George Hively, Henry McRae
1918 Wild Women John Ford John Ford, Hary Carey
1918 Thieves' Gold John Ford Frederic R Bechdol, George Hively
1918 The Scarlet Drop John Ford John Ford, George Hively
1918 Hell Bent John Ford John Ford, Harry Carey
1918 A Woman's Fool John Ford George Hively, Owen Wister
1918 The Craving Francis Ford, John Ford John Ford, Francis Ford
1918 Three Mounted Men John Ford Eugene B Lewis
1919 Roped John Ford Eugene B Lewis 
1919 A Fight for Love John Ford Eugene B Lewis
1919 Bare Fists John Ford Eugene B Lewis, Bernard McConville
1919 Riders of Vengeance John Ford John Ford, Harry Carey
1919 The Outcasts of Poker Flat John Ford Bret Harte, H Tipton Steck
1919 Ace of the Saddle John Ford George Hively, Frederic J Jackson
1919 Rider of the Law  John Ford GB Lancaster, H Tipton Steck
1919 A Gunfightin' Gentleman John Ford Harry Carey, John Ford
1919 Marked Men John Ford Peter B Kyne, H Tipton Steck
1920 The Prince of Avenue A John Ford Charles T Dazey, Frank Mitchell Dazey
1920 The Girl in Number 29 John Ford Philip D Hurn, Elizabeth Jordan
1920 Hitchin' Posts John Ford George C Hull, Harold Shumate
1920 Just Pals John Ford John McDermott, Paul Schofield
1921 The Big Punch John Ford John Ford, Jules Furthman
1921 The Freeze-Out John Ford George C Hull
1921 The Wallop John Ford George C Hull, Eugene Manlove Rhodes
1921 Desperate Trails John Ford Elliot J Clawson, Courtney Ryley Cooper
1921 Action John Ford J Allan Dunn, Harvey Gates
1921 Sure Fire John Ford George C Hull, Eugene Manlove Rhodes
1921 Jackie John Ford Helena Buczynska, Dorothy Yost
1922 Little Miss Smiles John Ford John Stone, Dorothy Yost
1922 Silver Wings Edwin Carewe, John Ford Paul Sloane
1922 Nero J Gordon Edwards, John Ford  
1922 The Village Blacksmith John Ford Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Paul Sloane
1923 The Face on the Bar-Room Floow John Ford G Marion Burton, Hugh Antoine d'Arcy
1923 Three Jumps Ahead John Ford John Ford
1923 Cameo Kirby John Ford Robert N Lee, Booth Tarkington
1923 North of Hudson Bay John Ford Jules Furthman
1923 Hoodman Blind John Ford Henry Arthur Jones, Wilson Barrett
1924 The Iron Horse John Ford Charles Kenyon, John Russell
1924 Hearts of Oak John Ford James A Herne, Charles Kenyon
1925 Lightnin' John Ford Frank Bacon, Frances Marion
1925 Kentucky Pride John Ford Elizabeth Pickett, Dorothy Yost
1925 The Fighting Heart John Ford Larry Evans, Lillie Hayward
1925 Thank You John Ford Tom Cushing, Frances Marion
1926 The Shamrock Handicap John Ford Peter B Kyne, John Stone
1926 3 Bad Men John Ford Herman Whitaker, John Stone
1926 The Blue Eagle John Ford Gerald Beaumont, Malcolm Stuart Boylan
1926 What Price Glory? Raoul Walsh, John Ford N/A
1927 Upstream John Ford Randall Faye, Wallace Smith
1927 7th Heaven John Ford Frank Borzage, John Ford
1928 Mother Machree John Ford Rida Johnson Young, Gertrude Orr
1928 Four Sons John Ford Philip Klein, I.A.R. Wylie
1928 Riley the Cop John Ford Fred Stanley, James Gruen
1929 Strong Boy John Ford Andrew Bennison, Malcolm Stuart Boylan