The John Ford Ireland Movie Guide

When you have a good story and great characters, the John Ford Ireland filmography will provide plenty of inspiration. There are three of my favorite movies he made with actors who were part of his “Irish” cast of legends: The Man Who Played with His Head, The Searchers, and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. These films are a perfect blend of Western adventure, romance, action, and drama that I’m sure everyone will love.

The Covers Wagon (1924) is perhaps my favorite John Ford film from his lifetime. This classic used smaller budgets and modern production techniques and featured major actors. The first epic Western to feature talking dialogue in its score was Raoul Walsh’s The Big Trail (1920). The Covers Wagon followed soon after and this time there were more complex actors on the cast. This film also featured an even more complex set of characters in the lead roles of the two main characters: Red Saunders and Joe Donaghy.

The last John Ford film of the “Irish” trilogy of epic Westerns to make it to theaters was The Searchers. It follows the trail of a legendary hero, despite all odds. John Wayne was one of the best leading men at that time and it is his performances as John Scott Tutturro in this film that are truly legendary. The entire cast is spectacular, including Douglas Fairbanks, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin.

John Ford, and The Man Who Played With His Head in particular, are some of the most famous names in American Cinema. In fact, many of his films have become timeless classics. For example, The Young Roy Rogers Show was made in 1931, which went on to become a TV series many years later. One of his other best-known and most famous films is The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Although it isn’t the first film in his career to star him as a main character, it is still one of my personal favorites. This film features a very complex plot with lots of subplots and characters, so you really don’t want to miss out on seeing it.

John Ford films about the history of the west can be just as good. All the Great Depression films by John Ford are fantastic because they are a reminder of how much the west has changed since then. From Dances With Wolves to Stagecoach to High Sierra, you’ll enjoy seeing the history that brought us all of our heroes.

One of my favorite John Ford films to watch recently was The Man Who Played With His Head, which was one of his best ever. There aren’t many great movies about the west like The Man Who Played With His Head, but if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. It has a wonderful cast of famous people and some of the best acting to be found in the genre. The man who played with his head was also known for some of his most hilarious roles, so don’t miss this one.